Complimentary Sample Session

Experience a 45 minute session and gain insight as to what coaching is all about.

We’ll explore what’s possible for you in leading your life from a place of fulfillment. Be ready to walk away with actions that will resonate with you and implement them right away!

During this time we’ll assess if we’re a good fit for one another, just like in any other relationship, and we’ll be able to cover any questions you may have.

Discovery Session

A 2 hour session where we’ll review your DISC behavioral assessment and talk about how you are “showing up.”

You will learn about your natural style of communication and how to identify the same in others. As a bonus, you will gain insight on motivators, strengths, and fears of each archetype. With this new awareness, you will be able to immediately implement techniques that will build rapport and improve your communication with others.

Coaching Sessions

During our 50 minute coaching sessions we’ll explore the topic you wish to bring to the session. It could be a continuation of previous coaching sessions or something new that arose in between. Together we’ll create action plans by bringing clarity and awareness to the surface. At every session you will gain practical tools and tips that you can utilize in your day-to-day life. Sometimes there will be light homework or reflective inquiries. What’s most important is that you are ready to connect with yourself and let the possibilities unfold.

In service of your learning and for long-term growth, I offer 3 month and 6 month engagements where we coach 2 times per month. If you’re interested in a different set-up, we can discuss designing an engagement that fits your needs.

Relationship Coaching

In this 90 minute session we will use a combined approach of coaching each individual, as well as the duo. Our main focus will be to bridge the gaps and catapult the relationship to the next level, while emphasizing your common goals.

Each person will have a heightened sense of awareness and understanding of themselves and their partner. By identifying motivators, strengths, and fears of each person, you will have a stronger foundation from which to renew your aligned vision.

Whether you are wanting to deepen your personal relationship or grow your business partnership, coaching together will create a sacred space where each person’s authentic self will show up. From there, the possibilities of creating new goals and action plans together are limitless!

*A modified Discovery Session is a prerequisite to subsequent relationship coaching sessions.

Organizational Coaching and Development

A complimentary 1 hour assessment is provided for organizations that want to grow and improve their teams.

Gone are the times of employees clocking-in and clocking-out. Team members want to be heard; they want to be actively engaged; and most importantly, they want to feel as a valued member of the organization.
By creating a custom organizational development series for your team, you will benefit from:

  • Team member engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved communication and trust
  • Team cohesion
  • Increase in retention

If you’re interested in improving different aspects of your team and creating a workplace of cultural belonging – let’s talk.

Sessions may include, but are not limited to, individual or group coaching, team building trainings, assessment tools, workshops, and more.
After an initial assessment of your organizational needs, you will have a custom designed training with impactful tools for lasting results.
Trainings are also available in Spanish.

Specials and discounts

In appreciation to our military service members and first responders, a 15% discount will be applied to services.

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