Personal Coaching

In our one-on-one sessions you will be the subject matter expert of YOU. This means the whole you – heart, body, mind, and soul.

This is your chance to be honest with yourself and to dig deep, not to hold back but rather challenge yourself beyond limiting beliefs. 
By designing our alliance and holding space, transformations will naturally begin to evoke as you honor yourself fully, without judgment or fear.

Your dreams and goals are limitless! Whether you’re seeking growth in your career, the right balance between your personal and professional life or starting a new chapter all together, coaching is your roadmap to destination fulfillment. Are you ready to navigate your journey?

  • Emerging leaders &
    mid-level managers

    Young adults in their early to mid-career stages seeking growth or improvement in their current role.

  • Parenthood

    Geared towards all levels of parenting (working or stay –at-home parents, surrogates or intended parents) who are seeking balance or have a desire to breakthrough a challenging time.

  • Cultural Exchange

    For the individual who is adjusting to the cultural differences of living abroad or being in a multi-cultural relationship.
    Sessions also available in Spanish.

If the above categories don’t fit your needs, don’t worry.
I work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and in different stages of life.

Relationship Coaching

In this style of coaching, each individual will explore and share their desired goals of the relationship. Together we will work towards bridging the gaps and catapulting the relationship to the next level. Unlike other forms of relationship therapy or counseling, during our time together, we will focus on the possibilities of moving forward from where you are today. This style of coaching isn’t limited to couples as other relationships can benefit as well, such as parent-child relationship, family relationships, business partnerships, and more.

By taking the DISC behavioral assessment tool, each person will have a heightened sense of awareness and understanding of the other party and self. Throughout the coaching, we will identify each person’s communication style and learn about their motivators, strengths, and fears. With a positive outlook in mind, incorporating habits of motivation and recognition are essential for long-term results. Together we’ll strategize on techniques that are a best fit for your partnership while holding space for the desired goals of each individual.

As you navigate towards a renewed relationship, you will feel more confident in utilizing your new found skills in creating a stronger bond and an aligned vision.

Romantic Relationships

Parent-child Relationships

Family Relationships

Business Partnerships