How It Works


You’re a resourceful and wholesome person. You’ve got the drive and ambition to truly make some changes. You’re not afraid to dig deep or go on the skinny branches in service of bringing your best self forward. You’re excited, open-minded, and ready to laugh a little.


The beauty of today is that coaching can happen anywhere and anytime! Most of my coaching happens over the phone or by video conferencing. In person sessions may be a possibility if mutually convenient.

Coaching sessions

Our sessions will be 50 minutes long. At every session you will gain practical tools and tips that you can utilize in your day-to-day life. Sometimes there will be light homework or reflective inquiries; but mostly you just get to be present and aware as the transformations begin evoke.

Preparing for your session

It’s important that you honor yourself and your time, as it’s all about you. So, be sure to take a moment to settle in a comfortable and quiet space, free from distractions. Briefly assess what you’d like to discuss in the session. It could be a follow-up from previous sessions or something that’s had an impact on you between. Whatever it may be, what’s important is that you’re ready to connect with yourself as you allow the session to unfold.

Complimentary Sample Session

Experience a 45 minute session and gain insight as to what coaching is all about. During this time we’ll assess if we’re a good fit for one another, just like in any other relationship, and we’ll be able to go over any questions you may have.


Payment is due before our coaching sessions. I accept major credit cards and Paypal.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Boost your confidence

    By honoring yourself and your values. By being daring and courageous. By nurturing yourself and owning the whole you.

  • Take action towards your desired goals

    By defining your short and long-term goals. By holding yourself accountable. By celebrating your successes.

  • Balance and fulfillment

    By consciously choosing what you will say “yes” or “no” to in your life. By living the now. By nurturing your heart and soul with the things that make you happy.