About Michelle

“Inspiring people to lead lives of balance and fulfillment…
turning one stone at a time.”



As a life-long learner, I’ve had an innate curiosity for other people’s stories. Over the years, my interest has developed into wanting to help others achieve their dreams and happiness.

I’m a native bilingual New Yorker, where early on I had the pleasure of being exposed to the growing melting pot of people, culture, and diversity. As a teenager and young adult, I lived in South America for six years and this unique experience opened my mind and heart even more. I came to realize that no matter where we are from, our gender or our upbringing, as humans, we all want to belong. There’s a common desire to learn, to be of community, and to deeply understand one another.

My diverse professional background includes mid-level and executive level management positions, to include being the Director of Operations and Youth Leadership for Rapport Leadership International, as well as a Program Director for Cultural Care Au Pair. In conjunction with being a trainer, facilitator, and certified professional translator from New York University, I’ve held other roles within the airline and financial industries with companies such as American Airlines, Eos Airlines, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. These experiences have greatly influenced and impacted my success in the workforce. Over the years as a professional, I have coached and mentored young leaders, led team building initiatives, and organized projects that give back to the community.

As I journeyed through my personal and professional experiences, I was in pursuit of my calling. I often asked myself how I would be able to package it all together. Coaching was the unequivocal, undoubted, and most heartfelt answer. It was then I began my journey as a Co-Active coach with CTI – The Coaches Training Institute - which is one of the founding coaching organizations with a strong presence in over 20 countries. I also became a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF) while continuing to pursue additional credentialing in the various branches of the coaching industry.

Coaching allows me a space in which to expand and to challenge myself all while inspiring others, helping them achieve their goals, and invoking everlasting change.

Seeing what’s truly possible for each person is my fulfillment. I look forward to helping you find yours!