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We can each be the center of the waves of synergy in our communities

At the heart of every interaction my desire is to have created a space where the other party felt valued and heard. From this place, perhaps they feel an energy or inspiration to create the same with others or at the very least become aware of how they are showing up when connecting with them.
Just like the ripple effect of a drop of water, we can each be at the center of the waves of synergy in our communities.

We are in a time of our existence where we are over saturated with pressures and fears from the shifts in political environments, distress over natural catastrophes, social media popularity, and the insatiable desire of instant gratification. The need to directly control as much as possible via technological platforms like phones, computers, self-check out stands, and audio recorded messaging have significantly decreased the emphasis and care we place on inter-personal relationships.

What happened to the days where people used to sit on their front step and talk…The days where the phone would ring and you’d be pleasantly surprised to hear from an old friend. These have now been replaced by the false illusion that if we do things faster we are being more efficient, and then, we can add more things to our already bottomless plate.
And while we’re so busy DOING all of these things we leave behind a wake of our BEING.
So how is it that all of what we as humans have worked so hard to “improve” on for a qualify of life, has now proven the lack balance we so crave. While our hearts ache, our souls clamor from deep within to slow down and return to harmony.

There’s an interesting dilemma about the paradoxical state we are living in. While we are succumbing to the advancement of technology which in many ways physically separates us, yet gives us the illusion of virtual community, we are also at a time in existence where mindfulness and states of awareness are at the peak of our desires…The very desire to have deeper connections, more intimate conversations, and meaningful connections.
So what’s it going to take for you to really take action and create this shift for yourself?
What would your life look like if you started living just like you imagined your life to be?
What would awaken in you from this place?
Why wait for someday, when today is the someday of the past?