Do you recall a time when you were just filled with invigoration and excitement?

Are you there now?

I challenge you to walk with me on a journey to deepen that resolve or even spark a new one.

The boundaries are limitless. Let’s find out what’s possible from here!


About Michelle

“Inspiring people to lead lives of balance and fulfillment…turning one stone at a time.”

As a life-long learner, I’ve had an innate curiosity for other people’s stories. Over the years, my interest has developed into wanting to help others achieve their dreams and happiness.

I’m a native bilingual New Yorker, where early on I had the pleasure of being exposed to the growing melting pot of people, culture, and diversity. As a teenager and young adult, I lived in South America for six years and this unique experience opened my mind and heart even more. I came to realize that no matter where we are from, our gender or our upbringing, as humans, we all want to belong. There’s a common desire to learn, to be of community, and to deeply understand one another.

How It Works

Curious about what to expect and how it works?
Here are the answers to the FAQ’s


You’re a resourceful and wholesome person. You’ve got the drive and ambition to truly make some changes.


The beauty of today is that coaching can happen anywhere and anytime! Most of my coaching happens over the phone or by video conferencing.

Preparing for your session

It’s important that you honor yourself and your time, as it’s all about you. So, be sure to take a moment to settle in a comfortable and quiet space, free from distractions.

Coaching sessions

Our sessions will be 50 minutes long. At every session you will gain practical tools and tips that you can utilize in your day-to-day life. 
Sessions also available in Spanish


Payment is due before our coaching sessions. I accept major credit cards and Paypal.

Complimentary Sample Session

Experience a 45 minute session and gain insight as to what coaching is all about.

What people say

“After being coached by Michelle, I realized that it is very helpful to get in touch with my feelings, and that dropping a tear or two is not a bad thing. She is very genuine, and she made me feel safe and comfortable opening up to her. I felt deeply that I was listened to and not judged. I was initially hesitant to being coached, but after one session with Michelle, I realized that everyone needs this, especially by someone as skilled and wonderful as her. Thank you, Michelle!”

Ahmad N.

“Michelle has the kindest, most intuitive soul I had yet to meet. Her direction at the end of our conversations have left me thinking about her coaching and feedback. It helped validate what I may already have known but had been denying my true self to be real.”

Laine G.

“Michelle has an ability to grasp any situation and see it from an unbiased perspective. She doesn’t sugar coat her responses and I appreciate her honesty as its important in today’s enviroment. In our conversations, she’s helped me breakdown my reality and come to decisions that I would benefit and learn from. She’s very open minded, non-judgmental, and encouraging. Connecting with her is easy as it’s as if she can see the world through your eyes.”

Julian M.

“Michelle has such a dynamic balance between honoring people for their strengths and providing them with the hard truths to help them grow. I was lucky to be coached by Michelle and each time I walked away a better leader. Passion, tenacity, and inspiration are words that come to mind when I think of Michelle.”

Sergio S.

“I had the pleasure of working with Michelle. She is an excellent listener, motivator, and communicator. She is able to see the best in people and help them bring that out. She is invaluable at providing feedback because she is able to connect, and she is extremely personable. Michelle has the methods and tools to know what it takes to help you get to your next level while adding meaningful direction.”

Nicole C.


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